A student may withdraw from classes at the end of any term. We request that the parent notify the school office personally or by phone. Parents are advised that they are responsible for full payment of the term for which the student is registered. If notice of withdrawal is not given we will assume that you wish to continue with classes and you will be billed for the following term.

Missed Classes

If a student misses a class a make-up class in an appropriate level may be taken if available, but must be taken within that term. Please check with your teacher for an appropriate time if you wish to make up a class.

Storm Closings

If a dance class is cancelled due to weather conditions (ie. storms or power outages) a message will be on our answering machine as well as our social media page on Facebook. Students may request a make-up class if an appropriate level is available. As recital time approaches extra classes are scheduled at no extra charge to the students so any missed classes are indeed adequately made up.
We reserve the right to cancel classes with insufficient numbers.


The school will be open for all holidays except the following:

Day of Truth and ReconciliationFriday, September 30th, 2022
ThanksgivingSunday and Monday, October 9th and 10th
Remembrance DayFriday, November 11th, 2022
ChristmasDecember 16th, and re-opening January 6th, 2023
Class Attire & Dress Code

Physical activity needs freedom for movement. Dance wear is designed to provide that freedom, as well as, give the teacher the opportunity to clearly see the dancer's body alignment, enabling her to correct mistakes, promote stronger technique and reduce the risk of injury. Please note that a uniform is required for all Dance for young children and ballet classes and a dress code for jazz (All Black).

Dance for Young Children:Pink cap sleeved leotard with attached skirt
Pink or white tights and pink ballet shoes
Ballet & Jazz combo:Lavender/Lilac cap sleeve leotard
Black pull-on skirt, pink tights & pink ballet shoes
Level 1 & 2 Ballet:Lavender/Lilac camisole strap leotard
Pink ballet tights & pink ballet shoes
Level 3 Ballet:Navy camisole strap leotard
Black wrap skirt, pink ballet tights & pink ballet shoes
Teen Ballet & Ballet 101:Black & mulberry camisole strap leotard
Black wrap skirt, pink ballet tights & pink ballet shoes
Senior Ballet, Exam Ballet, Pointe classes:Own choice of leotard (any color & style)
Black wrap skirt, ballet tight & pink ballet or pointe shoe
Tap:Leotard with tights or close fitting tank top, Capri dance pants or shorts.
Black tap shoes
Contemporary/Lyrical:Leotard & tights, tank top & tights, shorts or capri dance pants.
Bare feet or foot undies
Jazz:All Black dress code
Student can wear any tight fitting dance wear that is entirely black
Hip Hop:Baggy sweat pants, baggy shirts/tanks/sweaters
Sneakers (not previously worn outside), hats & bandanas
Irish Step:Leotard or close fitting tank top with black shorts, white Irish 'bubble' socks.
Level 1 & 2: Irish ghillies
Level 3 & 4: soft ghillies and hard shoes
Other Notes